Analysts Assemble

Interviews, Q&A and learnings from the very best Data Professionals

  1. Q&A with... David Napoli

    Healthcare Analytics & Data Viz Consultant (and Recovering Rocket Scientist)
  2. Q&A with... Manpreet Singh

    Analytics Lead and Forecasting Specialist
  3. Q&A with... Wesley Engers

    Data Science, Math and Statistical Consultant
  4. Q&A with... Oscar Baruffa

    Sustainability Professional and Data Specialist
  5. Q&A with... Alli Torban

    Data Visualization Designer and host of the Data Viz Today podcast
  6. Q&A with... Michael Kaminsky

    Writer, Data Strategist and Entrepreneur
  7. Q&A with... Ludovic Tavernier

    Data Consultant and Data Visualization Lead
  8. Q&A with... Martin Weiss

    Analytical Consultant and Project Manager
  9. Q&A with... Christian Young

    Senior Data Analyst / Team Lead at Xero
  10. Q&A with... Zach Renwick

    Business Intelligence Developer
  11. Q&A with... Katie Kodes

    Salesforce and Python Integrations Programmer
  12. Q&A with... Robert Crocker

    Tableau and Data Visualization Consultant
  13. Q&A with... Justin Butlion

    Entrepreneur and Analytics Specialist
  14. Q&A with... Jesse Pisel

    Geo-Data Scientist
  15. Q&A with... Samir Abid

    Professional Sports Analytics Consultant
  16. Q&A with... Randy Au

    Quantitative UX Researcher
  17. Q&A with... Helen Anderson

    BI Data Analyst and Technical Consultant