If it’s all looking a little empty around at the minute, don’t fret, there is a legitimate reason for it.

After putting together a good bunch of articles on tips, advice and strategies for getting started in the big bad world of data analytics, I decided to flesh all of that out further and put together a site dedicated to just that.

And so was born.

I’m billing it as “straight talking, no-nonsense advice, tips and strategies for getting started in analytics and levelling up your data science skills”.

My own interest in helping people get into analytics is really at that first stage, where to start, what do they need to know and what skills and experience will give them the most bang for their learning buck.

I’ll be writing more careers-based articles along with beginner guides to areas such as SQL and databases which I think are the best way to catapult into it all and I’m hoping it gives some people the incentive to level up into a career that they might have been scared off from before.

I’ll also be looking for guest posters and interviewees for the site before too long so drop me a note (alan AT alanhylands DOT com) or on the SimpleAnalytical contact page if you would like to get involved.