Some things I've done

Technical Director at Cura Fitness permalink

Cura Fitness is a boutique fitness studio based in County Down, Northern Ireland. I run the back office operations including finance, data, technology, systems and administration.


Interviewer at Analysts Assemble permalink

I interview top data analysts from a wide range of industries to find out about their career journey and how they build their data skills.


Course Creator at SQL Crash Course permalink

I created an online SQL course to help people build the solid groundwork they need to get up to speed quickly with SQL.


Writer here and elsewhere permalink

This is my personal website where I write articles on a variety of topics including business, personal finance, tech, careers, writing and my quest to build a simple kind of life. I've been a professional writer with clients including and The New York Times Company. These days, I am a contributing writer on Towards Data Science, Hacker Noon and


Founder at Santinotech permalink

Santinotech was the umbrella for my tech consultancy and development projects. I helped small teams use their data and technology to build stronger, more ethical, data-informed businesses.

Liz's Lockets permalink

Liz's Lockets was my wife's e-commerce business which sold memory lockets and costume jewellery. I built and ran the e-commerce store. I also appeared regularly as her Lovely Debbie McGee at craft fairs and markets when we took the business out on the road. Soon to be re-launched with our 9 year old daughter at the helm as her first taste of entrepreneurship.


Sports Boffin permalink

Sports Boffin was a sports betting prediction engine. I started with football (of course) and built a full data platform on MS SQL Server. Match results and betting odds were scraped and loaded daily. I built a predictive algorithm that compared each game to the two sides' previous form in similarly matched encounters (based on my modified homespun version of Rateform).

Liquid Gem permalink

Liquid Gem was a Business Intelligence and Marketing Strategy consultancy I set up in 2011 with some old comrades. We did some great work in Irish banking and made some contacts in New York. We parked it in late 2012 when a too good to turn down offer to go in-house at our main client came up.

Liquid Voices permalink

Liquid Voices was one of the projects we spun out from Liquid Gem back in 2012. A B2C membership site which let members complete online surveys for companies and compete to win prizes and earn rewards.

State of the Game permalink

State of the Game was a football blog I started in 2005. It grew massively for a few years and gave me the opportunity to become a professional football writer for and The New York Times Company. I covered more of the back story in an article called I Want To Be A Football Writer When I Grow Up.

White Storm permalink

White Storm was my first e-commerce development agency, started in 2003. It stayed with me either as my full-time focus or as a vehicle for my side projects until 2007 when I set it aside and joined the big bad world of banking.