What I’m Doing Now.

Cura Fitness

Cura Fitness is a boutique fitness studio based in County Down, Northern Ireland. I run the back office, admin, finance, technology and any other behind-the-scenes issues that come up. My fantastic wife is the powerhouse behind the whole enterprise. I’m very much in the Consigliere seat, offering advice and guidance where I can.


Simple Analytical

Simple Analytical is an analytics and data science learning resource. I give my best lessons, hints, tips and strategies to get people started in analytics and level up their data skills.



Santinotech is my tech consulting company. It’s recently been re-born like a phoenix from the flames after a few years of inactivity. I’ve previously consulted in banking/finance, started an online publishing empire and built predictive data models for the sports betting industry under Santinotech’s far-reaching cover.

Some Things I’ve Done Before

Liz's Lockets

Liz’s Lockets was my wife’s e-commerce business which sold memory lockets and costume jewellery. I built and ran the e-commerce store.

I also appeared regularly as her “Lovely Debbie McGee” at craft fairs and markets when we took the business out on the road. Soon to be re-launched with our 8 year old daughter at the helm as her first taste of entrepreneurship.

Sports Boffin

Sports Boffin was a sports betting prediction engine.

I started with football (of course) and built a full data platform on MS SQL Server. Match results and betting odds were scraped and loaded daily. I built a predictive algorithm that compared each game to the two sides’ previous form in similarly matched encounters (based on my modified homespun version of Rateform).


Liquid Gem was a Business Intelligence and Marketing Strategy consultancy I set up in 2011 with two old comrades.

We did some great work in Irish banking and made some contacts in New York. We parked it in late 2012 when a “too good to turn down” offer to go in-house at our main client came up.


Liquid Voices

Liquid Voices was one of the projects we spun out from Liquid Gem back in 2012. A B2C membership site which let members complete online surveys for companies and compete to win prizes and earn rewards.


State Of The Game in 2006

State of the Game was a football blog I started in 2005. It grew massively for a few years and gave me the opportunity to become a professional football writer for and The New York Times Company.

I covered more of the back story in an article called I Want To Be A Football Writer When I Grow Up.


White Storm

White Storm was my first e-commerce development agency, started in 2003.

It stayed with me either as my full-time focus or as a vehicle for my side projects until 2007 when I set it aside and joined the big bad world of banking.