WordPress Plugins: Mob Quotes

By Alan Hylands — 2 minute read

Mob Quotes is a simple Wordpress plugin based on the most famous of all Wordpress plugins, Hello Dolly by Matt Mullenweg.

While Hello Dolly symbolizes the hope and enthusiasm of a whole generation, Mob Quotes takes your Wordpress admin panel down a somewhat darker path. Louis Armstrong couldn't be further away from the collection of random quotes from top Mafia gangsters that will appear in your admin panel.

Mob Quotes was built as a first step into the ever welcoming world of Wordpress plugin development. Gone are Hello Dolly's lyrics and in there place are a large selection of quips, quotes and sayings from some of the most feared mobsters in American organized crime history. From "Dapper Don" John Gotti to "Prime Minister of the Underworld" Frank Costello, there should be a quote to inspire (or chill the blood) of all aspiring Wordpress bloggers and developers.

After you install the plugin, you'll find a quote at the top of each page on your admin panel and after each page refresh. They won't be on the public facing pages or posts of your Wordpress website though.


Mob Quotes on our Wordpress admin panel

###Installation Guide###

To install the plugin just follow these steps:

  1. Download the plugin and unzip it.

  2. Copy the mob-quotes folder into your plugins folder ( wp-content/plugins ).

  3. Log-in to the WordPress administration panel and go to the Plugins page.

  4. Find the Mob Quotes plugin and click on the Activate link.


  1. Click on Plugins -> Add New in your Wordpress admin panel.

  2. In the "Search plugins..." box, type Mob Quotes.

  3. When the results come back, look for the one by Alan Hylands and click the Install Now button.

  4. When it is installed, click on the Activate link.

Release Date:

7th September 2018



Tested on Wordpress version up to:


You can download Mob Quotes now from the Wordpress.org Plugin Repository: Mob Quotes Wordpress Plugin