Writing More Often, Not Just Writing More Words

I’m not going to publicly claim that I’m going to write a post on here every day for 30 days or take part in any other kind of writing challenge.

What I am doing is aiming to write more often in terms of regularity, rather than just writing more in terms of word count.

I try to do one article per week over on my data analytics site Simple Analytical and with research and editing it does take up quite a bit of time.

On AH.com however I’ve had the site up and down so many times over the years that it’s confused the hell out of me never mind anyone who happened upon it. I’ve found with writing About Me pages recently that it’s OK to have a wide and varied range of topics of interest that I enjoy writing about. Even better is to learn more about things by writing something, doing the research, sharing it with others and then risking having the views roasted and ripped to pieces. It’s vicious but I’d rather keep learning.

So AH.com will be a mish-mash of many topics for the next while as I get some thoughts out in the open, practice my writing and getting back into the groove of regular ass-in-seat, fingers-on-keyboard action and we can see where that goes.

Friday brain dump over, back to business.