Alan Hylands

My name is Alan Hylands.
I am a data consultant and writer from Northern Ireland.

This is my personal website where I write on a variety of topics including business, personal finance, tech, careers, writing and my quest to build a simple kind of life.

What I Do.

Currently, I am Head of Retail Commercial Excellence at Ulster Bank.

I help the Retail bank use data to solve difficult business problems and serve our customers better.

Simple Analytical
I share my best lessons, hints, tips and strategies for data analysts on

I help them level up their data science skills and use them to build better, more profitable, data-driven businesses.

Cura Fitness
I use my particular set of skills to help businesses get off the ground and keep growing.

Right now that's as Technical Director at boutique fitness studio, Cura Fitness.

I've been a professional writer with clients including and The New York Times Company.

These days, I am a contributing writer on Towards Data Science, Hacker Noon and