I help small teams solve difficult business problems with data and technology.

Founder at Santinotech.

I run tech consultancy Santinotech. I specialise in helping small teams harness the power of data and technology to build ethical, data-driven businesses.

Technical Director at Cura Fitness.

Cura Fitness is a boutique fitness studio based in County Down, Northern Ireland. I run the back office operations including finance, data, technology, systems and administration.

Writer at Simple Analytical.

I share my best lessons, hints, tips and strategies for data analysts on SimpleAnalytical.com.
I help them level up their data analysis skills and use them to build better, more profitable, data-driven businesses.

Online Course Instructor at SQL Crash Course.

I created an online SQL course to help people build the solid groundwork they need to get up to speed quickly with SQL.

Writer here and elsewhere.

This is my personal website where I write articles on a variety of topics including business, personal finance, tech, careers, writing and my quest to build a simple kind of life.

I've been a professional writer with clients including About.com and The New York Times Company. These days, I am a contributing writer on Towards Data Science, Hacker Noon and Dev.to.